H2 Truck aims to bring hydrogen trucks to Norway. This is done in a collaboration between key transport operators and Norway’s leading professional within zero emission heavy-duty transport.

Together, we will contribute to a green transition in the transport industry. The project will assess the partners potential for use of hydrogen trucks, and the need for hydrogen refuelling stations. We will be in close contact with OEMs to make them deploy their hydrogen trucks in Norway in the early phase. Finally, we will work closely with regional and national authorities to make them provide the necessary frame conditions for Norway to be early adaptor of hydrogen trucks.

H2 Truck is based on regional and national policies and ambitions. We coordinate the activity with other regional projects in Norway.

Main goal
Get the first 100+ trucks on the road in the Oslo region, with associated infrastructure

Other goals
1. Increase competence in the value chain and mobilize more transport users
2. Positioning of the Oslo region and Norway vis-à-vis truck manufacturers
3. Prepare the roll-out of hydrogen trucks on a large scale in Norway
4. Coordinate with international initiatives for the use of hydrogen in important transport corridors
5. Contribute to local and national value creation


Jan Carsten Gjerløw, Evig Grønnn AS, is project manager of H2 Truck. Gjerløw has for several years been working with hydrogen for transport. He has managed a number of national and international projects, and has experience from public-private cooperation.The H2 Truck partners are displayed above. They represent the complete value chain, from hydrogen production to use, including public partners and organisations. In this way, H2 Truck has a holistic approach to the transition to zero emission transport. Together with the project management, the partners participate in activities, securing industry relevance.

Based on national and regional ambitions

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from heavy transport is high on the agenda internationally, nationally and regionally. Hydrogen is a good – and sometimes the only – alternative for making heavy-duty transport zero emission. Norway´s National Transport Plan (NTP) has ambitious targets for introduction of zero emission trucks. At the regional level, several counties and cities have adopted ambitious plans for reduction of climate gas emissions, especially from road transport. The county of Viken and the City of Oslo are prominent examples. They are collaborative partners for the H2 truck project.