Green transition in transport

Road transport represents 17% of the greenhouse gas emissions in Norway. Emissions from heavy duty vehicles accounts for a third of these, and are the most challenging to eliminate. The H2 Truck-project aims to solve this by introducing emission-free hydrogen trucks in Norway.


H2 Truck will contribute to a more sustainable transport industry. Greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by using zero emission hydrogen trucks.


H2 Truck will bring the first 100+ hydrogen trucks to the Oslo Region, with associated infrastructure, and prepare for a further roll-out all over Norway


H2 Truck brings together the entire value chain for joint efforts. In this way, we ensure that the hydrogen stations are in place when the trucks arrive

Project news

New partner: ColliCare Logistics

New partner: ColliCare Logistics

We are pleased to welcome Norsk Gjenvinning as partner in the H2Truck project. ColliCare is an innovative provider of all logistics services within sea freight, road transport, air freight, train freight, third-party logistics, distribution, home delivery for e-commerce and warehousing services

New partner: Norsk Gjenvinning

New partner: Norsk Gjenvinning

We are pleased to welcome Norsk Gjenvinning as partner in the H2Truck project. The Norsk Gjenvinning Group is Norway's leading environmental services provider, with an ambition to be the industry's leading player when it comes to sustainability.

Nyhetssak: Skal rulle ut 100 hydrogenlastebiler

Nyhetssak: Skal rulle ut 100 hydrogenlastebiler

Et elitelag av norske industriaktører går foran i en storsatsning for å få bukt med utslippene fra tunge kjøretøy. Prosjektet H2 Truck satser på å rulle ut minimum hundre hydrogenlastebiler på norske veier innen 2025.

Project management

The project managers have extensive expertise in hydrogen and fuel cells, and in management of national and international projects